Why You Should Leave Garage Door Springs Repair to the Professionals

Garage door springs are largely responsible for raising and lowering garage doors. Homeowners only need to get the door started, by either manually moving it or by pressing a remote control, after which the garage door springs will take over.

There are 2 types of garage door springs; these are extension and torsion ones. These are used with the 2 types of garage doors; these are swing up and roll-away. The latter has 2 torsion springs, which are on either side of the top of a garage door. Swing-ups also have 2 springs, but these are extension ones, that are mounted upon extending swing-arms, which can be found on both sides of the garage door.

The springs on garage doors are placed under extreme tension when fully extended and, should a failure occur, can end result could be the door dropping on a vehicle or a person. Sadly, many people are not aware the rollers, springs, arms, tracks, and other such parts do need the occasional safety check. Corrosion or loose hardware can cause accidents, while poorly adjusted springs will make a garage door very hard to lift, or cause it to fly out of a person’s hands.

Garage door springs come in various lengths, in order to accommodate different doors, ranging from single doors to double ones. The amount of tension the springs supply will depend on upon the weight of a door. Some garage doors can weigh up to 181 kilograms, so choosing the right springs is vital, if you want it to be safe and easy to use.

Most homeowners wonder if changing their own garage door springs is a DIY job. However, every garage door repair expert cannot emphasize enough, this is not a job for amateurs, and must be left to an experienced garage door springs repair technician. A few that attempted to change their springs have ended up maimed or even worse.

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